Others States Should Seek Governor Like Soludo Come 2023- Anambra NYCN Chair Obi

Others States Should Seek Governor Like Soludo Come 2023- Anambra NYCN Chair Obi


It should be the ultimate wish of people of all states going into the 2023 General Elections to elect their governors, to have a man like Prof Chukwuma Soludo at the helm of their states’ affairs.
The view is in recognition of Governor Soludo’s astute administrative capabilities.
The Anambra State Chairman of the National Youths Council of Nigeria, Amb. Surveyor Obi Emeka expressed the view when he spoke at the 6th Annual Conference and Training Workshop of the Young Surveyors Network, YSN, Nigeria, a young professionals’ subgroup of the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors, NIS.
The event had as its theme, ‘Leadership Diversity and Inclusion: Preparing the next generation of surveyors.’
Speaking at the forum, Surveyor Obi Emeka said all patroitic citizens of the states having their governorship election should pray to have someone in the mould of Soludo.
Having such personality at the states’ helm of affairs, Obi Emeka noted, will ensure that only patriotic leaders assume positions of authority at the states’ level.
He said Governor Soludo has demonstrated that he is totally in control of the affairs of the state across all the sectors and segments, which is one of the indices of a genuine leader.
“Being in total control of affairs makes it impossible for unpatriotic persons who do not share in the laudable vision of Mr Governor to be kept at bay.
“In the past, we have seen the administration of some leaders fail woefully because they are not in charge. Anambra people employed Governor Soludo based on his capacity and the vision of a liveable and prosperous Anambra State.
“It is noteworthy that the governor in the pursuit of that vision, did not relinquish that task to other. Instead, he has taken the frontline charge, steering the affairs of the state in a proactive manner and ensuring that only globally-acceptable best governance practices are allowed in the state.
“Had he not been in charge, these wouldn’t have happened,” Obi Emeka opined.
The Anambra NYCN Chairman further emphasized that the governor’s prudent management of the state’s meagre resources, also distinguishes him as great leader.
According to him, some other persons would have resorted to complaints and excuses, but Soludo had upon inception of office, rolled up his sleeves and gone to work, with a clear vision of how to shore up the state revenue.
Obi Emeka posited; “Today, we see the governor flagging of road construction and reconstruction projects here and there, even the ones abandoned by his predecessors.
“The way he has effectively manged the state’s zero resources to perform wonders, remains a model for governors to emulate.
“Because he understands governance as a critical business requiring the support and inputs of all stakeholders, Mr Governor has upon assumption of office, identified the critical components of the state’s existence, especially the business community and met with them, reeling out his vision
“Anambra state is commerce state and Mr Governor recognized that from the get-go and that is why he is getting the buy-in of the people in what his administration is doing, especially in the area of compliance with tax and levies.”
He also said the governor has also been able to plug loophole in the state revenue collection system, as well as engaged firms who share in his vision of a better Anambra in the tax drive.
According to him, the transparent bidding process for collection of flying revenues is also indicative of the finance management abilities of Governor Soludo.
Most strategic to the success of the Soludo administration, the Anambra youth leader noted, is the composition of his State Executive Council.
In his view, the Council comprises people who have come into government to serve and not to acquire wealth.
“From Governor Soludo’s Deputy, Dr Onyekachukwu Ibezim down to his commissioners and aides, you can see a crop of dedicated persons working under the tutelage of a committed leader and that is why the present state administration is succeeding,” he said.
In the area of youth empowerment, Obi Emeka pointed out that the Soludo administration has taken crucial steps to build a new Anambra whose future belongs to the youths.
This vision he noted, is possible through the governor’s appointment of youths into strategic positions in his administration’s scheme of things as well as the skills acquisition initiatives that the State Ministry of Youths is driving.
In his words; “We have a new Anambra today where youths have a stake.
“In terms of appointments, youths are involved and there is this tendency towards acknowledging proficiency and capacity of Anambra youths and engaging their services to provide solutions to the myriads of problems facing the state.
“This strategy is helping to provide tested and proven homegrown solutions to our indigenous problems, while ensuring that the youths’ creativity is explored and nurture for the future.
“We couldn’t have had it better.”
On the YSN conference, Obi Emeka stressed that young surveyors hold the key to the future of the practice and need more opportunity to exhibit their capabilities.
He also called on government and other stakeholders in the building industry, to always engage the services of registered surveyors to ensure quality service delivery