Only Equity, Fairness, Right Leadership Will End Banditry In Nigeria - US Based Cleric

*Reverend Azzaman backs ex SGF, says any sane Northern Christian wouldn't vote a Muslim-Muslim ticket

Only when equity, fairness is practiced in Nigeria under the right leadership, will problems bedeviling the country like banditry and kidnapping, become a thing of the past.

US based Kings Worship Chapel and Ministry Kaduna General Overseer, Reverend Albert Samson expressed this, while fielding questions from newsmen on the sidelines of the ministry's 2022, Annual Convention, which rounded up in Kaduna on Sunday November 27, 2022.

"Every nation goes through turbulent times. As they say, 'tough times don't last, tough people do' hence, very soon, banditry and kidnapping would be a thing of the past. Once there is equity and fairness with right leadership in Nigeria, it would be a thing of the past," he said.

According to him, the church has a role to play in uniting the country and creating an atmosphere for the desired peace.

"I think the church has failed. We inter marry, but we have not yet come together as one. If the church can set aside tribal sentiments and love each other, it would trickle down to the society.

"My personal opinion is that Nigeria will never ascend until the Ibo man is embraced. 2023 is an opportunity for us to reclaim Nigeria. 2023 election gives us a chance in Nigeria to get things right," he said.

The cleric decried the economic hardship many Nigerians are going through, saying it calls for support from public spirited individuals to help such less privileged survilve.

"When I was in the US, people not expected, call to demand, which shows that things are really bad. For those of us in diaspora, we just need to understand that Nigeria needs us, those at home are really going through tough times, they really need help," he declared.

According to him, as part of activities of the convention, 22 were ordained as reverends, pastors and deacons.

He said the newly.ordained Assistant General Overseer, Reverend Ayuba David Azzaman who was elevated from being a pastor, will guide those ordained to lead home fellowships and other activities of the ministry in its quest fir winning souls for Jesus Christ.

Earlier in his sermon, reading from 1st Samuel Chapter 9 vs 27, with the theme of the convention, "Power for Dominion", he said that Christians should not be ashamed of the Gospel because it leads to God's transformation.

He said God has set Christians apart, hence they should not lead ordinary lives.

"God is not looking for those who have ability, but those that are available," he said.

He charged Christians to live a life of humility and honour the people around them.

In an interview, the new Assistant General Overseer of the Kings Worship Chapel and Ministry Kaduna, Reverend Ayuba David Azzaman said that he is delighted about the elevation, noting that it calls for more service.

"The church should be expecting me to speak more. Because that is my calling, to unite the church in Nigeria, irrespective of denomination. I see myself as a unifying factor to the church and Nigeria.

"Being a reverend, pastor or bishop is a title. I don't think this will slow me down. I see myself as an activist so I will speak more for the Christians and the less privileged and even Muslims. I remember in 2017, I joined in the march for Sheikh Zakzaky's freedom.

"Reverend to me is even an office of more activism," he added.

According to him, the General overseer left the shores of Nigeria in 2018 for Kansas City in USA, where he has bagged his PHD.

"He has gotten an appointment in Kansas City, with Heartland International Ministry (HIM), by next year, he is going back to America with his entire family.

"At Heartland International Ministry, he would be responsible for Africa. We were supposed to have launched the HIM here, the white people were supposed to come," he said.

On the 2023 presidential candidate, he said he agrees with ex SGF, David Babachir Lawal's position.

"Hundred per cent I agree with Babachir that no Christian in the North should vote Muslim-Muslim ticket.

"If you keep the three major presidential candidates, Peter Obi is the best. Northern Christians are going for Labour Party candidate Peter Obi," he declared.

He therefore, called on the Federal Government to ensure the 2023 election is free and fair.

Notable dignitaries spotted at the convention include Labour Party Gubernatorial candidate of Kaduna State, Honourable Jonathan Asake.