Actress Ezeokenwa Chiemegolum Clara Unveils Brand, New Project

Actress Ezeokenwa Chiemegolum Clara Unveils Brand, New Project

- Makes Case For Girl-child, Calls For Women's Involvement In Politics

... Extols Soludo

By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu

The fast rising Nollywood Actress, politician and a philanthropist, has called for the protection of girl-child, especially the vulnerable and less-priviledged ones, saying that she has lived all her life speaking for the downtrodden, indigent children, widows and the voiceless in society.

The award winning Thespian who made the call while unveiling her Brand as well as her new project named the Political goddess enjoined women the world over to get deeply involved in politics, noting that they (women) had all it takes to excel in politics, adding that women constituted the greater number of voting populace and should get themselves into decision making bodies and institutions.

You can reach her through her phone number: 0903 504 2812, and massive social media handles. Ig@ Chiemegolum_ Ezeokenwa.Facebook_ @claranet (political goddess)

The Anambra born screen diva in an interview with Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu, bares her mind on wide range of issues including her Brand, New Project, challenges confronting less and under privileged girl-child, women participation in politics, etc.


Q: May we get to know you?

A: My name is Ezeokenwa Chiemegolum Clara. I'm from Umuchu in Aguata LGA of Anambra state. I am the daughter of Chief Hon, Sir, Sylvester Ezeokenwa and Lady ( comrade) Emilia Ezeokenwa (JP). I am the second child and the first daughter out of five children. I am a Nollywood Actress, a politician and a philanthropist.

Q: what movies have you starred in?

A: I have been featured in about 20 movies, The likes of OGBUEFI, THE DISPATCH RIDER, CHETA MY DAUGHTER, TWO EDGE SWORD, THE BLUE BLOOD, and so many other ones that are yet to be out. I have worked alongside many stars in the Industry too, the likes of ONY MICHAEL, MIKE EZURUONYE, CHINWETALU AGU, EBERE OKARO, NGOZI EZEONU, DESTINY ETIKO, LIZZY GOLD, RUTH KADIRI, and so many others.

Q: what do you love most about your profession?

A: What I love most about my profession is the ability to interpret different characters and deliver it well, and make it as real and as different as others. Another one is the talent and that talent geared up the passion for acting

Q: are you currently engaged in anything new?
A: yes, and that's why I'm here, currently I am here to promote my brand and new project called the political goddess.

Q: what kind of project is it?

A: the project is geared on sensitization and emancipation of the women. Making the woman realize how important and valued they are in the family and society at large. More especially the young girls growing into a woman and the youths at large, making them to understand the important role they have to play in political participation,

Q: your surname rings a bell, why is that so?
A: yes, that's because I was born by a noble and notable man in Anambra state, a man who has made a great name and impact in society and Anambra state at large. Chief, Hon, Sir Sylvester Ezeokenwa.

My father is one of the founding fathers of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).y mother was a civil servant, she was in active service as a teacher but retired. So my family has made a name in the politics of Anambra state and beyond.

Q: what's your take on the current political situation in the state.

A: Anambra state has been a peaceful state from the time of PETER OBI, before he handed over to Chief Willie Obiano, and then currently his Excellency Prof. Chukwuma Soludo whom from my observation is working on taking Anambra state to a greater heights and I'm happy he is also working along with Ndi Anambra, local men and women, elite, professors and intelligent men and mostly women in society. The likes of Commissioner for Culture, Arts, Entertainment and Tourism, Chief Don Onyenji, Special Adviser On Arts, Entertainment and Chief Bob-Manuel Udokwu (Onye ana ekiri ekiri), Commissioner for Education, Commissioner for Transport, Commmisioner for Youths, Commissioner for Local Government, Commissioner for Justic and Attorney General of the state and putting women in so many other positions in the ministries and State service. So I'm happy he is working very well.

Q: why is your project named political goddess?

A: the name political goddess, come from the fact that every woman is a goddess, because every human being is brought into the world through a woman.

Secondly, once any woman discovers how politically valuable she can be individually and in a collective , she becomes a political goddess. Now, going by the Democratic tenets of "one man, one vote" or "one woman, one vote" , we can see that because women are more in population than men , so we have more voting power than men as a collective.
Also as individuals their power to change the course of governance cannot be overstated, thus every woman is a political goddess once she has been emancipated mentally. That is what my upcoming project seeks to do.

Q: what is your source of funding?

A: It is self-sponsored. I fund it myself. I want to implore other politicians and office holders who support women empowerment to support this project for sake of posterity.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge in the Nollywood industry?

A: My greatest challenge in the industry is as a woman, we face sexual harassment, there is a notion that if you don't sleep around with men you won't get jobs, and it keeps forming the mentality of our younger generation and thereby making things go wrong. Secondly, challenges of being a woman, in our society today we believe that women are not to be heard, so when you have things you want to say , maybe at the course of work, nobody will give you the listening ears.

Q: what would you change in the society or the industry if you have the power to?
A: First, women liberation. Despite the cry out in the society today, many women are still dieing in the course of wrongful marriage as well as domestic violence.

Q: where do you see yourself in 5yrs and in 10yrs?

A: as an actor, I see myself in 5 years as a force for positive change and as a political Goddess I see myself in the corridors of governance where I will be representing my constituency.

Q: how can your fans follow and connect with you?

A: I have a very massive social media presence. Ig@ Chiemegolum_ Ezeokenwa
Facebook_ @claranet ( political goddess)
TikTok_ @ POLITICAL GODDESS. Phone Number: 0903 504 2812

Q: Advice to younger generation of women?
A: the advice I have for my generation of women, is to know that you're valuable in your family and society at large, so do anything you can to stay alive, and stay safe. Believe in yourself and have a good vision and aspirations for yourself. And then pursue these dreams and aspirations no matter the challenges. Also realize that you are all GODDESSES in the making. Treat yourself as one and never settle for less.