2025: Soludo Will Get 100% Vote In Ajali -- APGA Chieftain Declares

2025: Soludo Will Get 100% Vote In Ajali -- APGA Chieftain Declares


Comrade Kanu Victor Igboanugo, former Provost General Ajali Welfare Union Nigeria and APGA stronghold in Orumba-North Local Government Area of Anambra State, has declared that no matter the malignant tendencies and plots of anti-APGA agents to thwart the second term election of Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo in Ajali come 2025, the APGA stalwart has assured Soludo that contrary to the plans of anti-party agents, he will get 100% votes in Ajali.

Igboanugo who is the Group Chairman Terryvic Global Limited , said so long as Ajali ward one and two are in his domain, Soludo's victory in Ajali is already a done deal and that the anti-party activities of an insignificant few can not stop Governor Soludo from winning landslide in Ajali come 2025.

Speaking exclusively with this journalist, the business mogul noted that those plotting to sabotage APGA in Ajali do not have any electoral value and as such they should not be taken serious.

Igboanugo said that apart from Ajali ward one and two, he will ensure that APGA win elections in the entire Orumba-North and beyond.

He said Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has done so well by restoring peace in Ajali community through the enthronement of a widely accepted Eze in line with the tradition and selection of Ezeship in Ujali.

The APGA chieftain maintained that the Ezeship stool in Ajali was not an all-comers affair and that His Royal Highness Eze Augustine Nwangwu Ezeohazurume 1 of Ujali, is the traditional ruler of the community. That they are happy with what Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has done and that Ujali people are jubilating and making merry.

Igboanugo however pointed out that anyone who is not happy with the choice of Augustine Nwangwu as Eze Ajali should go to supreme court and seek redress and not destabilize the peace and tranquil atmosphere Ajali community currently enjoys.

He also recalled that the likes of one Barr. Uka Obasi Noel Obu and his cohorts betrayed APGA in the last State Assembly Election through anti-party activities even as he appealed to him and his gang to desist forthwith from sabotaging the efforts of the real APGA faithful in Ajali and Orumba-North at large.

The industry tycoon reiterated the fact that only the royal families in Ajali produced the Eze; that every Dick and Harry can not be Eze Ajali because it is not an all-comers affair. He therefore expressed gratitude profound to Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo for giving Ajali community the opportunity of having a king after 21 years without a traditional ruler.

Igboanugo stated that they are solidly behind His Royal Highness Eze Augustine Nwangwu and solidly supporting Governor Soludo while assuring him that Ajali is APGA and nothing can change it not even anti-party agents.

He also lent credence to the fact that the three royal families in Ajali are the real aborigines of the community because they were the first settlers in Ajali having migrated from Arochukwu in Abia State.

According to him, the Ezeship of Ajali was not done through Oku or Ogbako Ujali as claimed by other sections of the community. He said there was a consent judgement of 1986 which bestowed exclusive right upon the three royal families to rotate the Ezeship of Ajali amongst them.

Again, Igboanugo opined that those kicking against the consent judgement now were silent about it and they didn't raise any objections upon the birth of the document. He equally stated that he was not aware of any agreement reached with late Calistus Nwosu that the Ezeship of Ajali will rotate amongst the 17 families in the community.

He said so many falsified documents have been brandished by some destructive elements in the community but the only document Igboanugo said he was aware of was the consent judgement of 1986 that brought Calistus Nwosu to the traditional stool of the community.

According to him, it was only a mere threat that Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo will lose election in Ajali as he authoritatively posited that APGA will not only win Ajali but in the entire communities of Orumba-North Local Government Area.

Igboanugo also disclosed to this journalist that it was his signature that made the younger brother of Uka Obasi Noel Obu a Councilor in Orumba-North Local Government yet he is threatening that APGA will fail woefully in Ajali describing it as the height of ingratitude and a betrayal of the All Progressives Grand Alliance.